Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hair Trends 2011: Plaits and Braids

The plait obsession continues, from complicated forms at Alexander McQueen to classical at Hermès and Valentino.
The fashion world has fallen in love with the plait all over again, women are so lucky if they have long hair. Tried to do a French plait yesterday and looked very irregular, need a bit of practice. There are so many different ways to wear it! Celebs show us how it’s done for evening wear to the one side. Also there is the messy way with only one or two plaits and the favourite look is a long plait to the side.

Let's see the gallery "how to wear Plaits and Braids this season":

Alexander McQueen

 The Colour Room, Poul Mitchell

 Alexis Mabille hairstyles

Hermes and Valentino hairstyles


Letti said...

fish tails are so hot these summer! Great trend post! You def. beat me to it !

Katzenkönigin said...

wish I had long enough hair for those styles!


Fuchsia and Viscaria said...

I think I like the gray-shirt girl. She has fabulous hair.

Nice to know your blog.


Anonymous said...

love it all
i wanna try each trend

Deporian said...

WOW! These are some incredible hairstyles. I love it!

kirstyb said...

love love love plaits x

Necklaces For Women said...

i love fashion and always want to update myself with new trends...really these are very nice hair styles and i like first one so much.thanks for sharing...!

traditional sweets said...

Very unique. Fashion models are very fashionable with these hair designs. I liked it specially the one that looks like a basket.

Italian Vogue Rocks! said...

The girl in the upper middle pictures in all black...I LOVE her weave! Beautiful!

Obaging said...

I like braids done in a very carefree way where other hair strands fall to the sides. It is very sexy.

cluclo said...

nice blog :)

keep posting

Wajahat Qadiri said...

elegaNt plaits...........all f eM