Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring - Summer 2009 Trend. Fashionable Overalls.

Fashion tendency keeps gladdening us with new TRENDS. Overall a new fashion trend of Spring - Summer 2009 ! This season an overall is for the all cases. Blue denim overall is for business noon, an overall made from silk is for cocktail party, an overall from variegated silk is for party in your garden. It is a good alternative to dresses. Overalls are as self-sufficient as dresses but look much more defiant than dresses.

See Fashionable Overalls Gallery below. Click image to enlarge.

Summer silk overall Leonard

Green cocktail overall Pucci

Denim everyday overall DKNY

Silk evening overall BCBG

Smart red overall Salvatore Ferragamo

Light summer overall Moschino Cheap & Chic

Chic evening overall Chloe


Anonymous said...

wow beautiful collections

Michelle said...

Wow! These are inspiring , great ideas which I will certainly make use of!

karen and shari said...

The silk evening overall from BCBG is very sleek.

Jules said...

the dresses are beautiful! I especially love the green cocktail pucci. It's sophisticated and glamorous. Exactly what a girl needs to feel like in this dress.

Clarissa Anne said...

I love these...so pretty for spring!